The Audio Beat review

The_Audio_Beat-VTL_Siegfried_S-IIVTL Siegfried Series II Reference Mono Amplifiers

Every maker of audio equipment has a philosophy for creating a product line that takes into account the introduction of new models as well as the upgrade of existing ones. Some companies follow a well-established script that’s based mostly on time. Every x number of years — often three, sometimes five — the company will introduce a new model to replace an existing one. The rationale here is easy to understand, even without a business degree: new products mean new sales, and sales are why manufacturers are in business.

But this isn’t the only way for a manufacturer to crack this particular nut. Some simply let the pace of their own R&D determine when a new product will be released. Instead of adhering to a schedule, this manufacturer will be more engaged in, well, manufacturing. Existing products will have to continue to entice customers, and the introduction of new products will be true events, driven by discovery instead of purely economic considerations.

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