Siegfried II reviews

VTL Siegfried Series II Reference Mono Amplifiers

“But perhaps more pertinent, the Siegfried IIs deliver music with detail, suppleness, authority and finesse — from top to bottom, no matter the speakers with which they are used …the Siegfried IIs go beyond well and into transcendent territory. Voices were always full and vivid, instruments rich in timbre, their tonality remaining individual and true no matter the demands of the recording … About four years ago, shortly after The Audio Beat first appeared, I mentioned in one of my reviews an amplifier top-five list — a personal tally of the best amps I had heard regardless of price or technology. … And now at the top of that list sits the VTL Siegfried II.”

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Marc Mickelson, “VTL Siegfried Series II Reference Mono Amplifiers”,, March 12, 2014


VTL Siegfried Series II Reference monoblock power amplifier

“Remarkably quiet, wideband, as linear and tonally neutral as the best solid-state amps, and with just a kiss of the effortlessness tube lovers find so addicting, the VTL Siegfried II was as neutral and as uncolored as any tube amp I’ve listened to.”

“…the Siegfried’s bottom-end performance was so good that I never felt the need to switch back to the darTZeel NHB-458s for one of my many evenings of listening to rock. In addition, it gave nothing away in terms of overall speed and transient clarity to achieve its impressive power output.”

“If I had to describe the Siegfried II’s overall sound in one word, I’d choose creamy. But that creaminess wasn’t overly rich… the Siegfried was more coherent and delivered greater upper-octave sonic sophistication.”

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Michael Fremer, “VTL Siegfried Series II Reference monoblock power amplifier,” Stereophile, Vol. 37, No. 5   May 2014