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The sound of VTL tubes

VTL manufactures a wide range of musically accurate pre- and power amplifiers to drive a wide range of loudspeakers in high performance two channel and multi channel home audio systems.

Because we feel tubes are a superior technology for audio reproduction, VTL amplifiers are all pure tube circuits, (see “Why tubes?” for more) designed for high performance, ease of use, reliability and serviceability.

We are available to assist you with your selection of the right VTL product for your system. We are here to help you get the most performance from your system, by offering you our recommendations for matching the best VTL preamplifier to your power amplifier and matching the best VTL power amplifier to your loudspeaker.

Send us information about your current audio system, and we will respond promptly with product information and the location of your nearest authorized VTL dealer.