TP2.5 Series II Phono Preamplifier


The new TP2.5 Series II phono stage represents a tremendous value for those looking to assemble a high resolution analog system at a reasonable cost. Completely redesigned from the earlier version, the TP2.5 is trickled down from our flagship phono stage, the renowned TP6.5. Delivering a large measure of the musicality and resolution of its much more expensive stablemate, the new TP2.5 offers dramatic improvements in speed, delicacy, nuance and drive.

Crafted with a similar high quality build and finish as VTL’s more expensive models, the TP2.5 has an elegant silhouette, and the features to match. With an eye toward flexibility and user friendliness, the 2.5 offers user-adjustable cartridge impedance, and two levels of gain, with inputs for both MC and MM cartridges. JFET/tube hybrid circuitry is used for the MC stage, and all-tube circuitry for the MM stage. Enhanced RIAA compensation and a front-panel switchable rumble filter offer even more functionality. The signal path is purposely kept simple and direct, with audiophile-grade components throughout, for ultimate sonic purity.

With the new TP2.5 phono stage, we have created an entry to true high-end analog sound. The VTL ‘family’ genes of highly resolved detail, linearity and controlled bass are all there, along with a musicality, depth and spaciousness you won’t find in most phono stages. For the true music lover seeking to capture the special magic that only a fine analog system can provide, the new TP2.5 Series II phono stage is an essential component.

TP2.5 Series II Silver
TP2.5 Series II Black
TP2.5 Series II Back View
TP2.5 Series II Inside View

Functionality features

  • Low noise hybrid JFET/tube active MC stage, and pure tube MM stage
  • Separate MM and MC inputs
  • User-switchable MC resistive cartridge loading with 6 settings: 100Ω, 250Ω, 470Ω, 1kΩ, 4k7Ω, 47kΩ
  • User- switchable MC gain settings of 62dB and 56dB
  • Innovative low feedback, low insertion loss split pole RIAA filter
  • User-switchable Enhanced RIAA function
  • Buffered output for driving low impedances through any cable
  • Zero microprocessor noise
  • Front panel Power, Rumble and Mute switches
  • Audiophile-grade components throughout, including REL caps
  • Toroidal power transformer with comprehensive AC RF filtering


pdficon_smallTP-2.5 Data Sheet

Technical Specifications

Vacuum Tube Complement 1 x 12AU7 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Inputs 1 pair single-ended RCA 1 pair single-ended RCA
Outputs 1 pair single-ended RCA
Gain (Total 62dB) 56 dB or 62 dB 42 dB
Output Impedance 425Ω
Frequency Response +0 -1 dB 10Hz – 50kHz
Maximum Output Voltage <1% THD 20V
Cartridge load impedance Variable: 100Ω, 250Ω, 470Ω, 1kΩ, 4k7Ω, 47kΩ 47kΩ, 100kΩ
Minimum Recommended Cartridge Output 0.2 mV 1.5 mV
Signal to Noise Ratio 50 dB 56 dB
Channel Separation > 50dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Power Consumption 25W
Dimensions W x D x H 19 x 14 x 3.75″ / 48.25 x 35.5 x 9.5 cm
Weight 25 lbs (11.34 kg) packed

CES & THE Show 2013 | Hot Product

While VTL bills the new TP-2.5 II phono stage ($2500) as “an entry point to true high-end sound,” it has design and user features of much more costly units. These include a hybrid JFET/tube moving-coil stage, an all-tube moving-magnet stage, and user-selectable loading and gain. It also has front-panel switching for mute and rumble filtering.

A back-to-back demo of the TP-2.5 II and the TP-6.5 showed VTL’s top phono stage to sound quieter and more resolving, especially into the bass, but the overall character was the same, the ‘2.5 coming much closer to the TP-6.5 than we (and perhaps VTL) would have anticipated.

Read the full report here…

- VTL’s TP2.5 Series II Phono Preamplifier,” Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, CES 2013 Show Report

VTL’s 2.5 Hybrid Phono Preamp Sounds Great, Priced Right

VTL’s new 2.5 phono preamp is chock full of good parts and built beautifully within a solid chassis. It’s a hybrid design with a J-FET solid state MC input and a tubed MM section.

I got a chance to listen to it through a pair of Rockport Technology speakers and it sounded full bodied, detailed and dynamic on an upcoming double 45rpm LP from Analogue Productions of Elvis Presley’s experimental 1957 binaural recordings produced when RCA Nashville received its first two-track tape recorder.

The recording is super-transparent and completely unprocessed, putting Elvis in the building, though most of the band and the Jordanaires are off on the other channel.

The sense of Elvis on the microphone right in front of you is chillingly real on this recording and the 2.5 did a very good job of reproducing that…

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- Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, January 2013